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Several factors indicate that David's+ throne+ is separate and distinct from God's throne+ in heaven+. First several descendants of David+ have sat on his throne+, but only one of his descendants ever sits on the right hand of God's throne+ in heaven+. That descendant is Jesus Christ (Ps. 110:1+; Heb. 8:1+; 12:2+). Second David's+ throne+ was not established before his lifetime (2S. 7:16-17+). By contrast, since God has always ruled over His creation, His throne+ in heaven+ was established long before David's+ throne+ (Ps. 93:1-2+). Third since God's throne+ in heaven+ was established long before David's+ throne+ and since God's throne+ was established forever (Lam. 5:19+), then it was not necessary for God to promise to establish David's+ throne+ forever (2S. 7:16+) if they are the same throne+. Fourth David's+ throne+ was on the earth, not in heaven+. David+ and his descendants who sat on his throne+ exercised an earthly, ruling authority. They never exercised ruling authority in or from heaven+. By contrast, as noted earlier, the Bible indicates that God's throne+ is in heaven+. Fifth the Bible's consistent description of David's+ throne+ indicates that it belongs to David+. When God talked to David+ about his throne+, God referred to it as 'thy throne+' (2S. 7:16+; Ps. 89:4+; 132:12+). When God mentioned David's+ throne+ to others, He referred to it as 'his throne+' (Ps. 89:29+; Jer. 33:21+), 'David's+ throne+' (Jer. 13:13+), and 'the throne+ of David+' (Jer. 17:25+; 22:2+, 4+, 30+). By contrast, the Scriptures' consistent description of the throne+ in heaven+ indicates that it belongs to God the Father+.