Libronix Personal Book

A Libronix Personal Book may be read by any Libronix user who has purchased a qualified product which provides the necessary reader key. If you are unsure whether you have the necessary key, you can check your eligibility.

(If you do not have the necessary reader key, but have the Libronix Personal Book Builder - Private Use Edition, look to see if the associated project files for this same work are available on our website. If so, you may be able to download the project files and compile your own copy of this work.)

Downloading the Book

  1. Download this book into a directory where Libronix searches for resources (e.g., c:\Documents and Settings\MyName\My Documents\Libronix Resources).
  2. Click the My Library button and type in the book title. (Libronix should have automatically discovered the book. If it does not, you may need to restart Libronix.)
  3. Click on the book in the Library list to open it.

Creating a Personal Book Collection

Since Libronix Personal Books are not automatically included in Passage Guide search results, we recommend that you create a collection to contain the Personal Book and then include the collection within Passage Guide search results.

  1. Click on the Tools menu.
  2. Select Define Collections . . .
  3. Create a new collection and place the Personal Book in it.

Include Personal Books in Passage Guide Results

  1. Open the Passage Guide by clicking on the Tools menu and selecting Bible Tools . . ., then Passage Guide.

  2. Click the checkbox to include Collections.
  3. Scroll down to MyPersonalBooks and click its checkbox.

Now, Passage Guide searches will include the Personal Book in the results.

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