Q112 : Favorite Bible Translation

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Q112 : Favorite Bible Translation

Hi Andy,

I'm enjoying your videos on Genesis Chapter 3a.

I wanted to ask what bible translation you use and recommend. Also, what particular bible(s) do you use on a regular basis (study bibles, text only, wide margin, etc.). I respect your opinion on this issue.

A112 : by Andy Woods

I'm glad you are enjoying the videos.

I usually use the NASB translation since it is supposed to be more of a closer word for word translation from the original Greek rather than just a thought for thought paraphrase. I am also drawn to the NKJV since it is based upon the majority text view of textual criticism and therefore treats as authentic some of the disputed passages (the woman caught in adultery in John 8 or the conclusion of Mark 16) that are supposedly not in the “better manuscripts.” As far as study Bibles are concerned, the one I am most comfortable with and use most often is the Ryrie Study Biblea because of its notes, outlines, maps, and sound dispensational approach.

Hope this helps.

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