Q183 : Eschatology of Dispensationalism vs. Historic Premillennialism

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Q183 : Eschatology of Dispensationalism vs. Historic Premillennialism

Dear Pastor Woods,

I struggle and struggle with eschatology [the study of last things] between the viewpoints of Dispensationalism and Historic Premillennialism. What advice can you give me and recommendations for reading? Thanks.

A183 : by Andy Woods

John, if you are talking about Historic Premillennialism of George Ladd, formerly of Fuller Seminary, there are massive problems with that system.

First, their millennial kingdom does not come from the unconditional and unfulfilled Abrahamic Covenant (Gen 15) and related sub covenants and other unfulfilled OT passages. It comes strictly from the NT passages. Thus, their millennial kingdom is non-Israelitish or non-Jewish but rather strictly Gentile in tone. Second, they do not take the 1000 year time period literally even though the text affirms this duration six times in Rev 20:1-10. Third, they do not recognize the basic Israel-Church distinction thus leading to a post-tribulational rapture. Fourth, they believe that the kingdom has already been inaugurated in a spiritual sense. This comes from their reading of the New Testament back into the Old Testament and also giving inadequate attention to what the Old Testament teaches concerning the kingdom. Fifth, I trust very little of what comes out of Fuller Seminary since that institution jettisoned their full inerrancy view [of the Scriptures] long ago.

Books like Dwight Pentecost's Things to Comea, Robert Lightner's The Last Days Handbookb, Arnold Fruchtenbaum's Israelologyc, and John Walvoord's The Millennial Kingdomd will show you the superiority of Dispensational Eschatology in comparison to these competing systems.

Hope this helps.

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