Q220 : Purchasing the KJ2000 Bible in Quantity

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Q220 : Purchasing the KJ2000 Bible in Quantity

I am looking for the KJV 2000 Bibles. I want to buy them in quantity. All I could find was downloads, e-books, nooks, etc. I work for a non-profit Christian organization who sends Bibles and other literature to hundreds of prisoners across our nation every month.

Please let me know where I can find these Bibles to purchase by the case.

A220 : by Tony Garland

As you probably know, the KJV 2000 was translated by Dr. Robert Couric, who passed away in 2011. The following web page has email contact addresses for his sons who may be able to answer your question: http://life-equals-jesus.org/Couric/KJ2Khome.html

At one time, the KJV 2000 was being printed in volume by the Bible League—which is where my hardcopy version was printed. Unfortunately, I don’t see it listed explicitly now in the list of available translations on their website. Perhaps you might contact them through their website and they might know if it is still available.

I’m sorry I’m unable to answer your question directly myself.

Blessings in Christ

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