Q225 : Groanings of the Spirit

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Q225 : Groanings of the Spirit

Dear Pastor Woods,

I have recently been exploring the issue of the continuation of the gifts of speaking in tongues, prophecy, and knowledge in our time. I was raised Evangelical and have always believed the way my church does, that these three gifts have ceased, without understanding why.

I read your article, The Meaning of The Perfect in 1 Corinthians 13:8-13a and I found it incredibly thorough and educational. I now feel I have a better grasp on the meaning behind those verses. However, I had one more question.

I have heard many people say that they believe that tongues is not only meant for revelation from God, but also as a prayer language. Their basis for this is Romans 8:26. I was wondering what your thoughts on this were since you have studied the issue in depth?

A225 : by Andy Woods

Thank you so much for the encouragement on my article. I'm glad it was a blessing to you.

Regarding Romans 8:26, I think the context more has to do with the Spirit's prayer for us rather than our prayer to God. In his online notes on the Book of Romansa, regarding this verse, Thomas Constable explains: "We should not confuse these 'groanings' with praying in tongues. This passage promises all Christians God's help, not just those who had the gift of tongues. Furthermore, the Scriptures never connect the gift of tongues with intercessory prayer. This verse seems to be saying that the Holy Spirit prays for us, not that He prays through us to the Father."

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