Q97 : Resources on the Kingdom

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Q97 : Resources on the Kingdom

I have been gathering some books for a study of Revelation. Is "The Theocratic Kingdom" by George Peters a book worth buying? Is it doctrinally acceptable?

A97 : by Tony Garland

The Theocratic Kingdoma by George Peters is an absolute classic, although not widely appreciated since copies have been relatively difficult to come by in the past. I have it in both paper and electronic format and highly recommend it as a reference work.

Doctrinally, Peters follows a sound literal-grammatical-historical hermeneutic resulting in a dispensational, premillennial understanding of the kingdom—much like the teaching found on SpiritAndTruth.org.

Although very readable, due to its size it is not a work you sit down and read from cover-to-cover. Nor is suitable for the theologically light-of-heart: it is a masterful 3-volume treatment which covers nearly every aspect of the kingdom.

In my opinion, Peters’ work on the kingdom is unlikely to be surpassed before the Second Coming of Christ.

Another resource on this topic which I can highly recommend and which is suitable for reading from cover-to-cover is The Greatness of the Kingdomb by Alva McClain.

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