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286Recommended Biblical Theologies

I just read your review of Greg Beale's A New Testament Biblical . . . [read more]

275What About People Who Claim to have Gone to Heaven?

What do you think about people who claim to have gone to Heaven?

[read more]
274Has the Bible Been Changed?

Hasn’t the Bible been changed over history?

[read more]
273Christianity and Bloodshed

Isn’t Christianity responsible for a great deal of bloodshed?

[read more]
272Hypocritical Christians

Why are so many Christians hypocritical?

[read more]
271Atheism and Morality

Can atheists be moral?

[read more]
270Christianity and Other Religions

Is Christianity compatible with other religious worldviews?

[read more]
269Objectivity of Science and Religion

Isn’t science more objective than religion?

[read more]
268Christianity and Intellectuals

If Christianity is true, why don’t many intellectuals believe it?

[read more]
254The New Jerusalem and the New Earth

Dr. Henebury,

Can I encourage you by saying what a blessing your lectures on Biblical Covenantalisma and . . . [read more]

245Amillennialism and the Land Promise


Thanks very much for your series of Biblical Covenantalisma. I stumbled upon this at just the time I needed . . . [read more]

240The Abrahamic Covenant and the New Covenant

Dear brother Henebury,

Can you please explain to me the connection between the promise made to Abraham and the coming of the Spirit? Why does Paul mention in Gal. 3:14 the promise of . . . [read more]

214Studying the Covenants

Dear brother Paul,

I wanted to start a study about the biblical covenants but need some starters. Which book(s) do you recommend about the covenant(s)?

[read more]
213The Proper Place of Typology in Interpretation

Dear Paul.

Thank you for your wonderful articles. Although I can't follow all you've written I'm glad with most of it.

But I also have a question. I was wondering what the . . . [read more]

198Recommending Reading in Dispensationalism

Could you suggest a list of resources for readers who would like to become more familiar with Dispensational Theology?

[read more]
177The Church and the Promised Land

Hello Paul,

[Former dispensationalist] Grover Gunna says dispensationalists say the . . . [read more]

175The Church and the Abrahamic Covenant

What exactly is the relationship of the Abrahamic covenants and it's promises to the church? I know that gentiles could become Jews as proselytes under the Mosaic covenant. I also know that in . . . [read more]

168Bearing Our Sins

Hi Paul,

I’m interested in your answer to the following: If one believes that Jesus paid the penalty for our sins, and if the wages of sin is eternal, conscience torment, why is . . . [read more]

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