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326Are some Prophecies Fulfilled Twice?

Hello Tony,

I was recently asked by a friend whether I believe that a prophecy of Scripture can have multiple fulfilment. What’s your take on this issue? It sometimes appears that . . . [read more]

316How to Respond to the Teaching that the Church is "Spiritual Israel"?

Dear Pastor Andy,

I am a believer in Christ Jesus.

A friend of mine just sent me the links for why the Church is not Israel. I just listened to all four of your . . . [read more]

309Has the Bible Been Misinterpreted Concerning Homosexuality?

One of my friends informed me of her “revealed” homosexuality. I didn’t have much to say on the homosexual topic in the moment because she knew my stance on it already and I . . . [read more]

300Interpretation and the Twenty-Four Elders of Revelation 4

Dr. Woods,

Thank you for the thorough study on the history leading up to the Protestant Reformationa. This info . . . [read more]

283Interpretation and Salvation

Is a belief in the literal interpretation of the Bible prerequisite to salvation?

[read more]
282Genesis and an Old Earth?

My understanding of the origin of the universe is pretty close to the Big Bang, but I'm not sure (of course, uncertainty is the core of the Scientific Method). I have no issues whatsoever . . . [read more]

280Ezekiel 37 and the New Covenant

Most of my friends read the Church back into the Old Testament and its always been difficult for me to give biblical reference for why that can't be the case. I tend to try and just fight the . . . [read more]

260Genre of Isaiah 11


Kindly interpret for me Isaiah 12 and identify the basic genre and why.

[read more]
259Understanding Prophetic Passages with Ancient Weapons

I just concluded reading through the book of Ezekiel as part of my one-year Bible reading plan. In reading Ezekiel 38 and 39, I couldn't but wonder at the explicit references to . . . [read more]

242Ask, Seek, Knock

In Rev. 3:20, Jesus says that He stands and knocks at the door and if we will open it He will come in. That makes sense, the handle is on the inside and only we have access to it.

Then . . . [read more]

238Revelation as Realized Eschatology?

For some time now, I've been wondering how I could reconcile justification by faith with the Book of Revelation. Recently I found my answer in this statement: Dr. Beatrice Neall presents a . . . [read more]

221Criticisms of the Futurist Interpretation of Revelation

Your assessment of the views of interpretation seems to be rather bias and judgmental. While I would fall somewhere between the preterist and the idealist (your terms), I do not exclude the . . . [read more]

213The Proper Place of Typology in Interpretation

Dear Paul.

Thank you for your wonderful articles. Although I can't follow all you've written I'm glad with most of it.

But I also have a question. I was wondering what the . . . [read more]

204New Testament use of the Old Testament

Hello Tony,

I was wondering if you could recommend an excellent resource on New Testament use of the Old Testament. I was thinking of buying Beale and Carson's Commentary on New . . . [read more]

201Using Strong’s Numbers

Can you tell me where I can find the original meanings for words and numbers, in Hebrew and Greek (Old and New Testaments), for the KJV Bible?

[read more]
200Abraham's Expectation of a Heavenly Homeland

I'm preaching from the letter to the Hebrews. I read the introduction from Andy about this letter. While the most of the letter I can follow very well there are some texts which are difficult . . . [read more]

194Spiritualizing Old Testaments Passages

I've recently come across your website while trying to research information for a personal Bible study. My study is about how to interpret the Old Testament correctly.

I have found your . . . [read more]

191Interpreting Passages in Context

I read your article on Bible Prophecy Bloga [also . . . [read more]

180Which Biblical Interpretation is Correct?

We know from Ephesians 4 that God has given the Church "pastors and teachers" to contribute toward the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry and for the edifying of . . . [read more]

176Were the Events of Joel 2 Fulfilled on the Day of Pentecost?

Covenant Theologians like myself believe that many OT passages were fulfilled in the NT while Dispensational Theologians like those on your website believe that many of the OT passages are . . . [read more]

166Is the USA the "Babylon" of Revelation?

I enjoyed your recent article on Babylon of Olda. In it you list several . . . [read more]

156Was Eating the Forbidden Fruit Symbolic or Literal?

Greetings from Europe.

I have been viewing your Powerpoint presentation on The Fall of Man . . . [read more]

143David’s Tabernacle - Experienced in Worship?

Dear Tony,

I have been listening to your introduction to Daniela and am anxiously waiting for the actual . . . [read more]

129What is the difference between moderate and progressive dispensationalism?


Some have described themselves as 'moderate' dispensationalists rather than 'progressive' dispensationalist. What is the difference?

[read more]
119Interpreting the Bible

When I was younger — around 10-13 — I would often talk to my pastor about things I was going through. I trusted him very much, but recently I have grown to distrust most . . . [read more]

59Word Meanings in the KJV Bible

I wanted to ask about helps for reading the KJV Bible. There are many resources available for the archaic words—that's not a problem. I'm concerned about words that I already know but . . . [read more]

42Romans 9:6 - For they are not all Israel who are of Israel

Thank you so much for helping me to see so clearly Romans 9:6 especially with the help of your diagrams . . . [read more]

33Single Meaning

Thanks for the well structured and delivered Biblical Interpretation coursea.

With a background in linguistics . . . [read more]

16Interpreting the Bible

One thing I am having some difficulty with is a good book on hermeneutics. How to study the bible so I can understand what some of those difficult to understand passages mean and I could . . . [read more]

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