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All book names within Bible addresses appear in one of two forms: (1) the full formal name (e.g., Daniel), or (2) a standardized abbreviation. The standardized abbreviations are: Gen., Ex., Lev., Num., Deu., Jos., Jdg., Ru., 1S., 2S., 1K., 2K., 1Chr., 2Chr., Ezra, Ne., Est., Job, Ps., Pr., Ecc., Sos., Isa., Jer., Lam., Eze., Dan., Hos., Joel, Amos, Ob., Jonah, Mic., Nah., Hab., Zep., Hag., Zec., Mal., Mat., Mark, Luke, John, Acts, 1Cor., 2Cor., Gal., Eph., Php., Col., 1Th., 2Th., 1Ti., 2Ti., Tit., Phm., Heb., Jas., 1Pe., 2Pe., 1Jn., 2Jn., 3Jn., Jude, Rev.1

Citations from other works appear verbatim with the following exceptions: (1) Bible addresses where the book of Daniel is assumed (that omit an explicit book name) have been modified to include an initial book name designating the book of Daniel; (2) Bible addresses employing abbreviated book names have been converted to use the standardized book abbreviations (above); (3) Bible addresses for single-chapter books omitting the chapter number (e.g., “Jude 5”) have been augmented with an initial chapter number of “1” (e.g., “Jude 1:5”). These changes have been made to standardize Bible addresses to facilitate the automated conversion and adaptation of this text for inclusion in computer-based study tools. (4) The inclusion of additional Bible addresses where they differ from the English translations (e.g., versification for the Masoretic Text or LXX) may be omitted for the sake of simplicity. (5) Like the main text, terms in a citation appearing within the glossary are cross-referenced on first appearance within a section.

In digital versions of this commentary, all Bible addresses are cross-referenced to a companion Bible. Hover the mouse over the Bible address to see a pop-up containing the verse. Clicking on the Bible address with the mouse opens the companion Bible at the specified passage. Bible addresses within the books of Daniel and Revelation contain an additional cross-reference to the verse-by-verse commentary within the associated commentary. Click on the plus sign (“+”) following the address to open the verse-by-verse commentary for the related chapter and verse. Clicking on the address opens the companion Bible whereas clicking on the plus sign following the address opens the verse-by-verse commentary. You can try it with the following Bible addresses: Dan. 1:1+; Rev. 1:1+.


1 Recognizing that no single set of Bible book abbreviations is optimum in terms of length, readability, and interoperation with other study aids, our main interest in standardization is to facilitate digital processing of this document.

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