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The following features are available only when searching on the website (they use a server-side PHP script).

(NOTE: Topical searches use the KJ2000 Bible regardless of selected translation.)


The following buttons appear within each chapter to facilitate moving through the text.

Go to verse Click on this button to look up a verse.

Up Clicking on this button takes you to the previous chapter.

Down Clicking on this button takes you to the next chapter.

Linking to the Lookup Bible

To link from another document or web page to this Bible, insert a URL in the document or web page pointing to this page. This will bring you to the navigation control from which you can reach any verse in any book of the Bible.

To begin study automatically at a designated verse, append the Bible address as an anchor to the URL. For example, to open the study at John 3:16, the URL, when embedded in a document would appear as:

<a href="index.htm?John 3:16">John 3:16</a>

When typed into a web browser address field, it would appear as simply as:

index.htm?John 3:16

(The browser entry would include any prefix to the file index.htm. For example, to look up the address at the SpiritAndTruth.org website, use:

https://www.SpiritAndTruth.org/lookup/index.htm?John 3:16

Most typical Bible book abbreviations will work, as will full book names. The separator between the chapter and verse may be any non-alphanumeric character and the verse itself is optional.

Here are a few additional examples:

<a href="index.htm?Zec 12 10">Zec 12:10</a>

<a href="index.htm?Revelation 9">Revelation 9</a>

<a href="index.htm?Ge 3.15">Ge 3.15</a>

Search for the word fish (only available when running from a webserver which supports PHP) :
<a href="index.htm?fish">fish</a>

A slightly different presentation is available by specifying index-.htm in place of index.htm in which case the bible text area is expanded to fill the entire window and the navigation controls in the upper portion of the window are not shown. The user must then use the Go to verse button (or browser 'BACK' button) to select another bible address.

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