Newsletter - February 18, 2010

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  1. Jude 1:20-23 - Living Amidst Apostasy 

    Jude tells believers how they are to build themselves up to remain in the love of God so that they may rescue others from the effects of the apostasy which surrounds them.

    By Tony Garland
  2. Christian Ethics: Ethics and the Resurrection 

    Scripture connects the motivation and ability of the believer to follow God-given ethical guidelines and principles with our identification with Christ in His resurrection. [41 minutes]

    By Paul Henebury
  3. The Implications of the Resurrection 

    In this two-part presentation, Andy discusses the implications of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. [97 minutes]

    By Andy Woods
  4. Question #121 - Victory over Sin 

    How are Christians to overcome sinful patterns?

    By Tony Garland
  5. Question #122 - Getting Started Studying the Bible 

    How can a Christian become more knowledgeable of the Scriptures? What study aids are profitable?

    By Tony Garland

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