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 Newsletter - March 18, 2010

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  1. Jude 1:24-25 - Called and Kept 

    As Jude closes his letter full of warnings and admonitions, he reminds fellow believers that those whom God has called He will keep.

    By Tony Garland
  2. Christian Ethics: The Primary Forms of Love 

    Although love is often thought to be a somewhat nebulous concept, Jesus taught that exhibiting love is a very practical matter which can be objectively measured through its primary forms such as justice, faithfulness, and mercy or compassion (Mat. 23:23). [42 minutes]

    By Paul Henebury
  3. Darwinism and Judicial Interpretation 

    In this two-part presentation, Andy discusses how the interpretation of law has drifted far from the original intention of the framers of our constitution by interpreting the meaning of the document in accordance with Darwinian principles. [84 minutes]

    By Andy Woods
  4. Question #128 - What is Calvinism? 

    Some say to stay away from study Bibles and teachers which promote Calvinism. What is Calvinism and why is it considered a bad thing?

    By Tony Garland

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