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 Newsletter - June 06, 2010

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  1. Book of 1 Corinthians: 1Cor. 15:1-34 - Doctrine of the Resurrection, Part 1 

    In this first section of Paul's defense of the doctrine of the resurrection, he conclusively proves that Christ rose from the dead. Paul goes on to give at least nine negative consequences of denying the resurrection, and he lays a solid theological foundation for the truth of this important doctrine. [13 slides, 61 minutes]

    By Steve Lewis
  2. Spiritual Warfare: Accuser of the Brethren 

    How are believers to understand and withstand accusations made against them? Can believers unwittingly serve Satan's purposes in the things they say concerning fellow believers?

    By Greg Summers
  3. The Logical Order of the Divine Decrees 

    Paul Henebury considers the relative order in which God initially set forth aspects of His plan leading to salvation.

    By Paul Henebury
  4. Question #135 - The Bittersweet Experience of Knowing the Future 

    Why has God revealed the time of judgment which closes the millennial kingdom and how should we respond to this truth?

    By Tony Garland

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