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 Newsletter - July 08, 2010

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  1. Issues Relating to the New Testament Canon 

    Dr. Henebury addresses factors to be aware of when considering the nature of the Canon of the New Testament. [44 minutes]

    By Paul Henebury
  2. America's Christian Heritage 

    Andy reviews historical evidence establishing the Christian heritage of the United States--something which was once unquestioned but is now being increasingly ignored or even denied by revisionist historians and teaching. This presentation was given at Sugar Land Bible Church in Sugar Land, Texas. [45 minutes]

    By Andy Woods
  3. Islamic Invasion of Israel 

    In this two-part presentation, Andy examines what the prophet Ezekiel reveals concerning a future invasion of Israel by a league of nations. [1 hour, 19 minutes]

    By Andy Woods
  4. Ephesians 5:1-17 - The Walk of Love, Light, and Wisdom 

    The Apostle Paul continues his exhortation to the Ephesian Christians concerning how to apply the truths learned in chapters 1-3 in order to walk in a manner worth of their calling and position in Christ. [36 minutes]

    By Andy Woods
  5. Spiritual Warfare: Satan's Access to Believers 

    To what degree can Christians be influenced by Satan? Is it possible to be born-again and still be used of Satan? [32 minutes]

    By Greg Summers
  6. Question #136 - Praying for Israel 

    What is the Biblical significance of events involving Israel in our day? How should a Christian respond in prayer?

    By Tony Garland

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