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 Newsletter - August 08, 2010

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  1. Matthew: Much with Little 

    Insights from Jesus' feeding of the 5,000. How different His ministry was from many Christian ministries in our day! [32 minutes]

    By Greg Summers
  2. The Biblical Canon - The Evangelistic Approach to Canonicity 

    How should those who take seriously the self-claims of Scripture approach questions of canonicity? [26 minutes]

    By Paul Henebury
  3. Matthew: God's Timing 

    The multitude wanted to make Jesus king, but this was not to be. How often might our own ministry expectations and goals prove to be out-of-step with God's timing and purposes? [33 minutes]

    By Greg Summers
  4. Haggai 2:20-23 - Your Kingdom Come 

    Haggai prophesies a coming day when God will overthrow the throne of the Gentile kingdoms and install His own King--a chosen descendant of Zerubbabel. [48 minutes]

    By Tony Garland

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