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 Newsletter - June 12, 2011

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  1. The Rejection of the King of the Jews (Matthew 24:1-2) 

    Having presented Himself as king in fulfillment of Zechariah 9, Israel's rejection of Messiah Jesus meant yet another destruction of Jerusalem and the continuation of the Times of the Gentiles. To properly understand chapters 24 and 25 of Matthew, it is critical to establish the wider historical context within which the events described by Jesus in Matthew take place. [47 minutes]

    Tony Garland

  2. Guilt of the Gentiles, Part 2 (Rom. 1:18-32) 

    Paul begins his exposť of the sins of all mankind by revealing the guilt of the Gentiles who know of God's existence from His self-revelation in creation yet actively suppress this truth. As men reject God, He abandons them to their depraved passion and its consequences. [56 minutes]

    Andy Woods

  3. Dispensationalism and TULIP - The Perseverance of the Saints 

    What I am concerned with in these posts is the question of whether or not the kind of interpretative approach which persuades a person to be a dispensationalist works just as well in persuading them of the Five Points of Calvinism.

    Paul Henebury

  4. The Prophetic Significance of the Davidic Line and Covenant 

    Many confuse the present ministry of Christ with His predicted Davidic reign found in 2 Sam 7:13-16. Yet these two ministries are not to be equated.

    Andy Woods

  5. A Christ-centered Education, Part 2 

    When we turned to the Bible to see what principles God gave about educating our children, we found that God gave instructions to parents (1) to teach their children about Him, (2) to teach what is godly and right, and (3) not to teach what is ungodly or evil.

    Vicki Lewis

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