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 Newsletter - February 26, 2012

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  1. Sifted As Wheat - Part 2 (Mat. 26:31-36) 

    Pride often manifests as overconfidence in our own capabilities. [37 minutes]

    Greg Summers

  2. Loving the Unlovable (Rom. 12:14-21) 

    One of the most difficult callings of those who would walk with Christ is the charge to love those who are unlovable as He loves us. [62 minutes]

    Andy Woods

  3. Q181 : George Peters and the Partial Rapture View 

    What did George Peters, author of the monumental 3-volume work, The Millennial Kingdom, teach concerning who would participate in the Rapture of the Church?

    Tony Garland

  4. The Paradigm of Kadesh Barnea as a Solution to the Problem of Hebrews 6:4-6 

    The warning found in Hebrews 6:4-6 has provoked disagreement among Bible interpreters and exegetes. Gromacki observes that this passage is "probably the most controversial passage within Hebrews." Most Calvinist and Reformed interpreters insist that the warning passage is too strong to apply to believers, so unbelievers must be in view in these verses. Arminians contend that the passage is speaking of genuine believers who are at risk of losing their salvation. Others argue that these verses are speaking of genuine believers and the severe warning is a mere hypothetical scenario. Still others contend that these verses speak of believers who are in jeopardy of losing blessings. Who is right? How are interpreters to make sense of this difficult passage?

    Andy Woods

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