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 Newsletter - April 29, 2012

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  1. Learning from Failure (Mat. 26:29-75) 

    How should believers respond when they fail in their service of our Lord? Peter's denial of Christ serves as an example of how God uses personal failure to transform his Saints for future service. [36 minutes]

    Greg Summers

  2. Paul's Boldness and Boast (Rom. 15:14-21) 

    Paul writes of his boldness as a minister to the Gentiles by the power of the Spirit. [65 minutes]

    Andy Woods

  3. KHCB Radio Questions and Answers: April 26, 2012 

    Andy appears on a call-in program on KHCB radio answering questions about the Bible. [60 minutes]

    Andy Woods

  4. The Meaning of "The Perfect" in 1 Corinthians 13:8-13 

    Much controversy persists within evangelicalism regarding the use and existence of the gifts of tongues, knowledge, and prophecy among believers. Charismatics maintain that all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit remain in operation today. These gifts, in their view, include not only those that are edificatory in nature, such as teaching and preaching, but also revelatory or confirmatory ones, such as tongues, interpretation of tongues, healing, word of wisdom, word of knowledge, prophecy, and miracles. On the other hand, cessationists contend that the sign and revelatory gifts have not functioned in the church since the close of the apostolic age, and thus only the edificatory gifts remain. A key battleground text in this ongoing debate is 1 Corinthians 13:8-10, which teaches that certain gifts will cease when that which is perfect has come. The obvious question is, what does Paul mean?

    Andy Woods

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