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 Newsletter - October 14, 2012

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  1. Christian Voting Principles 

    Andy discusses the principles guiding two candidates running for president in 2012. One professes to be a Christian. The other professes to be a Mormon. Should an evangelical always vote for the professing Christian? Upon what principles should a believer decide how to vote? Although the discussion is specific to the issues of the 2012 presidential election, the principles guiding the evangelical voter apply more broadly.

    The discussion was hosted by Terry Lowry on the What's Up Radio Program. [21 minutes]

    Andy Woods

  2. Wise and Foolish Virgins - Part 2 (Mat. 25:1-13) 

    Jesus compares the kingdom of heaven to ten virgins awaiting the arrival of a bridegroom. Who do they represent and what are we to learn from their different destinies? [37 minutes]

    Tony Garland

  3. Middle East Meltdown 

    An examination of the invasion of Israel predicted in Ezekiel 38 and 39. Has this passage found fulfillment in history? If not, when is it likely to occur according to Scripture? [59 minutes]

    Andy Woods

  4. Q193 : One Taken and One Left 

    Who are the ones taken and the ones left in Matthew 24:37-42? Is this passage describing the Rapture of the Church?

    Tony Garland

  5. Are You Ready for God's Friendship? (John 2:23-25) 

    Belief in the signs Jesus performed does not qualify as Biblical faith. True faith invests itself in the One which the signs authenticate: Jesus Himself. Those who do so are assured of eternity in heaven the moment they believe. [60 minutes]

    Andy Woods

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