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 Newsletter - December 16, 2012

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  1. Evangelistic Methods - Part 2 (Mat. 10:5-15) 

    In order to function as an effective witness, the gospel must remain untainted by improper associations and practices. [30 minutes]

    Greg Summers

  2. The Rapture - Part 8 

    Scripture refers to the rapture as a mystery (1Cor. 15:51). When people read the word "mystery" in the New Testament they have a tendency of importing an English understanding of the word back into the text. Such an anachronistic reading is unfortunate since the word "mystery" means something quite different in English than it does in Greek, which was the original language of the New Testament.

    Andy Woods

  3. What is Wrong with Man? 

    Because of the recent shooting in Connecticut, we are engulfed in a national conversation concerning what caused the shooter to do what he did. The shooter's destructive behavior has been blamed on everything from a lack of access to affordable health care, to listening to too much political commentary, to the easy accessibility of firearms. Sadly, many use a tragic event of this nature to advocate a political agenda that calls for greater control of government over our lives. Yet, in the midst of all of this pontification, few have adequately articulated the root cause of the problem.

    Andy Woods

  4. Q198 : Recommended Reading in Dispensationalism 

    What are some books or articles one could read to learn more about the dispensational view of Scripture?

    Paul Henebury

  5. Q199 : Does Jude Quote from the Book of Enoch? 

    How should a Christian understand similarities between the inspired book of Jude and the uninspired pseudepigraphal book of 1 Enoch?

    Tony Garland

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