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 Newsletter - September 1, 2014

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  1. The Authority and Sufficiency of Scripture (John 16:12-13a) 

    The Holy Spirit communicates by revelation, inspiration, and illumination. [1 hour 14 minutes]

    Andy Woods

  2. Fishers of Men (Matthew 4:18-25) 

    Jesus calls His disciples and heals a great multitude. [36 minutes]

    Greg Summers

  3. Things to Come (John 16:13b) 

    The revelatory ministry of the Holy Spirit includes information concerning the fulfillment of God's plan for history. [1 hour 16 minutes]

    Andy Woods

  4. Introduction to Romans - Part 1 

    Background for understanding Paul's letter to the Church at Rome. [28 minutes]

    Greg Summers

  5. Israel in Prophecy - Israel, The East, and the End of Time 

    Produced by Dr. Todd Baker and the Zola Levitt TV ministry dealing with the theological significance of the nation of Israel and the end times.

    Instead of living in anticipation, the Church neglects Bible prophecy, leaving many Christians clueless about God’s plan for Israel while the Nations turn against the Jewish state.

    Guests include Don Perkins, Randall Price, Terry James, Phillip Goodman, and Andy Woods.

    Andy Woods

  6. Introduction to Romans - Part 2 

    The Apostle Paul was uniquely suited to be the author of the Book of Romans. [30 minutes]

    Greg Summers

  7. Q246 : A Single Judgment? 

    Is the "Sheep and Goat Judgment" (Mat. 25) a parable form of the "Great White Throne Judgment" (Rev. 20)?

    Tony Garland

  8. Q247 : Resources for Understanding the Book of Revelation 

    What resources are available for gaining a better understanding of the Book of Revelation?

    Andy Woods

  9. Q248 : The Book of Daniel and the Old Testament 

    When did Daniel commit his prophetic visions to writing (Dan. 7:28)?

    Charles Ray

  10. Book Recommendation: Evolution's Achilles' Heels (Robert Carter, ed.) 

    This powerful book (illustrated in full colour) exposes the fatal flaws of evolutionary thinking. Like no other work that we are aware of, it is authored by nine Ph.D. scientists to produce a coordinated, coherent, powerful argument. All of the authors received their doctorates from similar secular universities as their evolutionary counterparts. Each is a specialist in a field relevant to the subject written about: Natural selection, origin of life, geology, genetics, radiometric dating, the fossil record, cosmology, and ethics. Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels directly demolishes the very pillars of the belief system that underpins our now-secular culture–"evolutionary naturalism. It’s coupled with the Biblical command to reach the lost with the Bible’s Good News. In a nutshell, it’s a comprehensive outreach tool like no other. The nine Ph.D. scientists are Donald Batten, Robert Carter, David Catchpoole, John Hartnett, Mark Harwood, Jim Mason, Jonathan Sarfati, Emil Silvestru and Tasman Walker. Foreword by Carl Wieland and edited by Robert Carter.

    This material will also be available as a DVD presentation in October.

    Tony Garland

  11. Christian Book Distributors - Greek and Hebrew Resources Sale 

    Dr. John Baze, of Original Word Ministry , recently brought to our attention that Christian Book Distributors (CBD) is having a big sale on some of the key biblical language bundles from Zondervan and other publishers. Most of these resources are less than bookstore pricing and are a really good bargain if you need any of these sets or texts.

    Tony Garland

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