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 Newsletter - May 1, 2020

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  1. Jesus: One of a Kind (John 1:14) 

    The Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory. [1 hour 8 minutes]

    Andy Woods
  2. Delay and not Denial (2 Peter 3:8-10) 

    God’s grace is manifested in the great patience He exhibits before bringing judgment. [1 hour 10 minutes]

    Andy Woods
  3. The Relevance of the Future (2Peter 3:11-15a) 

    Our knowledge of the future informs and motivates our behavior in the present. [1 hour 2 minutes]

    Andy Woods
  4. Submit to God, Resist the Devil, Part 2 (James 4:5-10) 

    Submission to God is a foundational principle enabling our ability to resist the Devil. [41 minutes]

    Paul Henebury
  5. Satan in the Earth (Job 1:6-9; 2:1-5) 

    During this present age, Satan has access, within limits, to those living on the Earth. [44 minutes]

    Paul Henebury
  6. Enlisted (2 Timothy 2:3-4) 

    Like it or not, believers must realize they are engaged in a spiritual war. [41 minutes]

    Paul Henebury
  7. The Practicality of Theology (Philippians 2:1-11) 

    The study of theology, to obtain a proper understanding of God, has enormous influence upon believers and society at large. [1 hour 5 minutes]

    Andy Woods

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