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 Newsletter - April 16, 2021

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  1. More Accomplishments of Faith (Hebrews 11:30-35) 

    Additional examples from the Old Testament illustrate faith-filled accomplishments on behalf of God. [42 minutes]

    Paul Henebury
  2. Easter Message - A Faithful Saying (1 Timothy 1:15) 

    Paul wrote to Timothy, "This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief." [43 minutes]

    Paul Henebury
  3. Pre-Wrath Rapture Theory, Part 3 (Revelation 6:16-17) 

    What is the Pre-Wrath theory of the rapture? [1 hour 2 minutes]

    Andy Woods
  4. The Security of the Believer (Genesis 7:13-24) 

    God's own are secure no matter what befalls the nations or the earth. [1 hour 9 minutes]

    Andy Woods
  5. The Essence of Spiritual Wisdom (James 4:7) 

    Submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. [1 hour 1 minute]

    Andy Woods
  6. Binding and Loosing (James 4:7) 

    How should we understand the Biblical teaching concerning binding and loosing? [59 minutes]

    Andy Woods
  7. Q370 : Do Satan and his Demons Torture Unbelievers in Hell? 

    Who is in control of Hell and how to unbelievers wind up there?

    Tony Garland
  8. Recommended Resources 

    I found the following resources from other websites of interest. Perhaps you will too:

    Tony Garland

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