Q19 : Attributes of God

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Q19 : Attributes of God

I will be introducing my nephew (10) to some basic Greek and theology over the course of the summer, and for the theology part I would like him to memorize the fourteen attributes of God as outlined by Ryrie.  The trick, of course, is trying to make the attributes understandable to a ten-year-old (so far as that is possible).  I would like to provide him a short definition for each of the attributes (which, granted, may include learning some difficult words) and a scripture verse.

“Love” is giving me a hard time.  I’m wondering if you might have an idea of how I could define God’s attribute of love to a ten-year-old.  No pressure if you don’t.  I just happen to have your e-mail address, and I know you know theology, and so I thought I might give you a try.

If you have any ideas for “Simplicity” and “Truth,” that would be neat, too.

I’ll paste what I have so far at the end of this message in order to give you an idea of where I’m going with this.  If you have a suggestion for “Love” (or “Simplicity” or “Truth”), you have my gratitude.  If not, please don’t lose any sleep over it, and accept my gratitude anyway (for allowing me to bother you).

Thank you for your time.


HolinessGod is separate and other.


ImmutabilityGod doesn’t change.


SovereigntyGod is in complete control of all things.




RighteousnessGod is always right.


UnityGod is the only God and he is indivisible.


Love ???


EternityGod is self-existent.


Simplicity ???




FreedomGod is independent of his creation.


InfinityGod transcends his creation.


Truth ???





OmnipotenceGod is all-powerful.


OmniscienceGod is all-knowing.


OmnipresenceGod is present everywhere with his whole being.


A19 : by Tony Garland

The love attribute of God is pretty tough to capture in a one-liner. Paul did a really good job of circling the subject in 1Cor. 13:2-8, but that is a meaty paragraph!

About the best I can offer in a single statement might be:

  • Love - God is [the definition of] love: the Immortal One became mortal to die for His creatures.
    (1Jn. 4:16; Rev. 1:17-18)

Of course that is somewhat abstract. Of the many aspects of love (patience, mercy, etc.), I would focus on the giving of self for the benefit of others. This is ultimately the passion of the crucifixion from God's perspective. I'll hazard a stab at the others too in case it triggers some creative ideas on your part:

  • Simplicity - God reveals Himself to babes.
    (Mat. 11:25; Luke 10:21)

  • Truth - God cannot lie, He is the Spirit of Truth.
    (Num. 23:19; John 4:23; 14:17; 15:26; 16:13; Tit. 1:2; Heb. 6:18; 1Jn. 5:6)

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