Q68 : Literal Translations by Sovereign Grace Publishers

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Q68 : Literal Translations by Sovereign Grace Publishers

Is there a significant difference between the Literal Translation (LITV) and the Modern KJV, all from Sovereign Grace Publishers (Jay P. Green, Sr.)? Would either make a good "study" version for everyday reading?

I am a bit confused by the successive revisions to those particular materials, but I do like that the Greek and Hebrew (using the same texts as those used for the KJV, if I understand correctly) and transliterations are included alongside the translation (which is the only part I can read!).

I have the second edition of the 4-volume set published by Hendrickson, and I am trying to determine if significant revision (for the better) has occurred to warrant buying an updated version, and if so, which one?

A68 : by Tony Garland

The LITV and MKJV are different translations by Jay P. Green. From my reading of the two, the MKJV follows more closely the wording of the KJV whereas the LITV is the more literal translation of the two and is perhaps more suitable for delving into subtleties of the text for English readers. Both are excellent translations although I find myself referencing the LITV more often than the MKJV. But this could be because I tend to use the NKJV most of the time which is more similar to the MKJV.

Although either translation would be suitable for everyday reading as a "study" version, you would probably have greater insight into the original languages from using the LITV than the MKJV. Conversely, the MKJV will read more "smoothly" than the LITV. Both translations would be considered "word-for-word" literal translations, but the LITV more so than the MKJV.

Although I receive news updates from Sovereign Grace Publishers from time-to-time, I'm not entirely familiar with the various revisions of each work and where they stand now. My guess is, because they are both detailed, careful renderings of the original Hebrew and Greek, that a previous revision is still eminently suitable—Mr. Green's work is generally top-notch so I wouldn't expect much in the way of corrections or revisions. (Which is as it should be for something as important as a Bible translation.) But the best advice I can give you is to contact Sovereign Grace Publishers directly with your questions.

May God bless you as you seek to understand His Word, carefully, prayerfully, and literally — the best way!

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