Between Modesty and Marriage:
Laying the Foundation

Our Purpose

Looking at the Typical Teen Topics

A Compartmentalized View of Teen Topics

A Comprehensive View of Teen Topics

"Pearls on a String" or a Continuum

What is Purity?

"Demonstrating our reverence for God's holiness by the way in which we live."

Broadening Our View of Purity

Men -- need to focus on becoming godly leaders who emphasize honoring femininity and exemplifying a masculine standard of purity. Women -- need to focus on exercising their influence in appropriate ways and communicating a feminine standard of purity.
Children -- character is formed during the early years, and they need to build a standard of purity into their character. Teens -- their knowledge is put into practice, and they increasingly take personal responsibility for their own lives. Adults -- standards of purity must be practiced throughout life, and they become the role models for children and teens.

The High Points:

Action List

For Fathers and Mothers For Sons and Daughters
  • "Our child needs to be conformed to the image of Christ."
  • "We need a practical plan to teach godly character."
  • "We need to be working on this now."
  • "I need to become a godly person."
  • "I need a practical plan for developing godly character."
  • "I need to be working on this now."

Family Activity