Between Modesty and Marriage:
Emotional Purity

Building on a FoundationViewed as a Timeline

What is Emotional Purity?


"Allowing God to protect you from forming close, private relationships with the opposite sex until He provides your mate."

God's Plan for Emotional Intimacy

The World's Plan for Emotional Intimacy

What is Involved in Emotional Intimacy?

"Intimacy is not just about physical encounters. When someone shares inner feelings, secret desires, flirts, flatters, or even places himself or herself in a compromising situation, he or she is being intimate. All forms of intimacy should be reserved for the marital relationship, or else you are taking something that belongs to your future spouse and giving it away to someone else."
Dr. Laura Schlessinger

What Activities Develop Emotional Intimacy?

Time spent alone with someone of the opposite gender (whether physically or "virtually")

Promising What You Cannot Righteously Fulfill

Showing "Proper Reserve"


"Taking responsibility for how another person may respond to the attention you are giving to him or her."

Questions to Consider

Practical Guidelines

Create a Positive Focus

Practical Steps to Keeping Your Emotions Pure

Be Asleep

"No one warns young people to follow Adam's example. He waited until God saw his need. Then God made Adam sleep, prepared his mate for him, and brought her to him. We need more of this being asleep in the will of God. Then we can receive what He brings us in His own time, if at all."
Jim Elliot