What is a Biblical Worldview and How Do I Get One?
A Study of Basic Bible Interpretation


A "Pre-Worldview Course"

A Bigger Picture

Why Do We Need These Principles?

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Any Communication Requires Interpretation

How do we know whether we have determined the true meaning?

Why study the principles of interpretation?

Interpretation as a Step in a Larger Process

OBSERVATIONWhat does the text say?
INTERPRETATIONWhat does it mean by what it says?
CORRELATIONHow does this fit with the rest of the Bible?
APPLICATIONHow does this apply to my life today?

Resource List for General Bible Interpretation

Hermeneutics Books

  1. Roy Zuck, Basic Bible Interpretation
  2. Robertson McQuilkin, Understanding and Applying the Bible
  3. Henry Virkler, Hermeneutics: Principles and Process of Biblical Interpretation
  4. Bernard Ramm, Protestant Biblical Interpretation
  5. John MacArthur, Think Biblically

Bible Study Methods

  1. Kay Arthur, How to Study Your Bible
  2. Tim LaHaye, How to Study the bible for Yourself
  3. John MacArthur, How to Study the Bible
  4. Gordon Fee & Douglas Stuart, How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth
  5. Walter Henrichsen & Gayle Jackson, Studying, Interpreting, and Applying the Bible
  6. Woodrow Kroll, How to Understand the Bible
  7. Irving Jensen, Enjoy Your Bible
  8. Dan McCartney & Charles Clayton, Let the Reader Understand: A Guide to Interpreting and Applying the Bible


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