Introduction to First Corinthians

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The City of Corinth

Location of Corinth

Life in Corinth

[Orange = Government Sites; Yellow = Commercial Sites; Red = Public Buildings; Purple = Religious Sites]

Legend of Ancient Corinth
1. North Road from Lechaeum 15. Poseidon Monument and Fountain
2. Public Baths and Latrines 16. Public Market and Shops
3. Fish and Meat Market 17. Temple
4. Basilica (business/legal offices) 18. Temple of Aphrodite
5. Peribolos (courtyard) of Apollos 19. Temple of Apollo
6. Propylea (gateway arch) 20. Temple
7. Peirene Fountain 21. North Market and Shops
8. Julian Basilica (legal offices) 22. Public Theater
9. Bema (judgment seat) 23. Public Music Hall (odeion)
10. South Market and Shops 24. Temple Fountain
11. South Basilica (government offices) 25. West Market and Shops
12. Senate House (bouleuterion) 26. Imperial Cult Temple
13. South Road to Cenchrea 27. Basilica (offices)
14. Temple 28. To the Acrocorinth Mount

Paul in Corinth

Apollos in Corinth

Paul in Ephesus

The Chronology of Paul’s Corinthian Correspondence

  1. While in Ephesus, Paul wrote his “previous letter” to Corinth (see 1 Cor 5:9).
  2. Afterward news came to Paul in Ephesus of continuing problems, so he wrote First Corinthians and sent Timothy and Erastus to deliver the letter (see Acts 19:22; 1 Cor 4:17; 16:7-11).
  3. Things continued to become worse, so Paul made a brief “painful visit” to Corinth (see 2 Cor 2:1; 12:14; 13:1-2).
  4. His visit did not solve the problems in Corinth, so Paul wrote a “severe letter” (see 2 Cor 2:4; 7:8) and sent Titus to deliver it (see 2 Cor 8:6; 12:18).
  5. Paul was worried about the response to his “severe letter” and could not wait for Titus to return with news, so Paul set out to meet Titus (see 2 Cor 2:12-13; 7:5). Somewhere in Macedonia Paul met Titus and learned that all was well (see 2 Cor 7:6-7, 13). Probably at Philippi, Paul wrote Second Corinthians and sent Titus to deliver it (see 2 Cor 8:6, 16, 23).
  6. Paul had planned to visit Rome, but he wanted to wait until he had made his final tour of Macedonia and Achaia and had gone to Jerusalem with the collection for the needy saints there (see Acts 19:21; 1 Cor 16:1-5), so Paul made one last visit to Corinth.

The Occasion for Paul's Writing

Points of Application: