Abusing Christian Liberty in Church
Misbehaving at the Lord's Supper
1 Corinthians 11:18-34

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Specific Problems in their Assemblies (1 Cor 11:18-22)

The True Meaning of the Lord's Supper (1 Cor 11:23-26)

What is the New Covenant?

Do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of Me

The Seriousness of Observing The Lord's Supper (1 Cor 11:27-32)

Chart of the Greek Words for Judging

Verse Word Part of Speech Meaning
29 krima Noun A judgment; a decision; an opinion formed after considering the facts; a choice made from among the alternatives.
29 diakrino Verb To judge between; to make a distinction; to see or accurately discern a difference between things.
31 diakrino Verb (see verse 29 above)
31 krino Verb [Passive] To be judged; to undergo examination, scrutiny, or testing regarding what is right and proper, often with the idea of being found worthy of discipline, correction, or punishment.
32 krino Verb (see verse 31 above)
32 katakrino Verb To reach a final verdict in the negative against someone; to sentence someone to condemnation (especially to ultimate condemnation).
34 krima Noun (see verse 29 above)

Paul's Instructions for Properly Observing the Lord's Supper (1 Cor 11:33-34)