Introduction to First Thessalonians

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Paul's first missionary journey (Acts 13-14)

Claudius as emperor of Rome

Chronology of Early Church Activity and Historical Events

A.D. 41-54 Claudius is the emperor of the Roman Empire
47-48 Paul's first missionary journey to Galatia (Acts 13-14)
48 Paul's letter to the Galatians -- written from Antioch in Syria
49 First Church council in Jerusalem (Acts 15)
49 The Jews are expelled from Rome by Claudius
49-50 Paul's second missionary journey through Asia Minor to Macedonia and Achaia (Acts 16-17)
50-52 Paul in Corinth (Acts 18:1-17)
50 Paul's letters to the Thessalonians -- written from Corinth

How Did the Gospel Reach the Thessalonians?

The early phase of Paul's second missionary journey

The next phase of Paul's second missionary journey

Paul in Philippi

Where is Thessalonica and What is it Like?

What happened to Paul in Thessalonica?