Daniel - Introduction, Part 2

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  • Daniel and Joseph
Clearly, Daniel's character and role within Scripture is similar to Joseph. When we compare them, we find striking similarities which are by design. Both Joseph and Daniel were used of God to provide for Israel at critical times in the history of the nation.

Character Excellent, godly (Gen. 39:8-13) Excellent, godly (Dan. 6:10; 9:1-23; 10:11,19)
Exalted in Gentile government Ruled under king of Egypt (Gen. 41:42-44; 41:14; 50:18; Ps. 105:20-22) Ruled under kings of Babylon & Medo Persia (Dan. 2:48-49; 5:29; 6:2)
Revelation given while in exile Egypt (Gen. 41:25-32) Babylon & Medo-Persia (Dan. 2:23; 4:19; 5:25; 7:1; 8:1; 9:1,24-27; 10:1)
Interpreted dreams For Gentile king Pharoah (Gen. 41:25-32) For Gentile king Nebuchadnezzar (Dan. 2:29)
Purpose of dreams Revealed future: sequence of plenty then famine (Gen. 41:26-30) Revealed future: sequence of Gentile empires (Dan. 2:36-45)
Captivity resulted in provision for the Jews (Ps. 106:46; Rom. 8:28) Favor for Jews during famine (Gen. 45:17-18; Ps. 105:17-23) Favor for Jews during Babylonian captivity (Dan. 9:1-19; 10:13,20)
Supernatural abilities Attributed to God (Gen. 41:16) Attributed to God (Dan. 2:20-23,28,30)
Historical timing of revelation At the formation of the nation of Israel (Ex. 4:22; Hos. 11:1) At the close of the sovereign reign of the Davidic kingdom (Jer. 22:30; 36:30; Eze. 21:13) and the beginning of the Times of the Gentiles

Daniel as Author

Critical Views of Authorship