Daniel - Introduction, Part 3

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Date - Close of Ministry

  • Completed at Close of Daniel's Ministry
The events recorded by Daniel span from about 606 B.C., at which time Daniel was taken captive to Babylon (Dan. 1:1), until 536 B.C., the third year of Cyrus when Daniel had his last vision (Dan. 10:1). Although portions of the book were likely recorded in conjunction with the events described, the contents of the entire book were probably finished near the end of Daniel's life, around 530 B.C.

For the biblically minded, this date of composition is easily established by the authorship and language of the book. For those who are convinced of the deity of Jesus and accept his attestation of Daniel (Mat. 24:15), there is no need to speculate further.

Maccabean Hypothesis

Daniel Among Writings




Early Testimony to Daniel