Revelation - Introduction, Part 1

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Goals of the Course

  1. Gain Understanding
    To take some of the mystery out of our understanding of this book. After all, God gave it for our understanding (Rev. 1:1-3).
  2. Grasp the Biblical Context
    To become familiar with the Book of Revelation and to grasp its intimate connection with the rest of the Bible. We will focus on what is revealed concerning Christ, the end of history as we know it, and the implications for living today.
  3. Understand Divergent Views
    To equip the student to understand the reasons behind the divergent interpretations of the Book of Revelation and to be able to assess the relative weaknesses and strengths of each.
  4. Inoculate Against Incorrect Views
    To inoculate the student against common pitfalls encountered when studying the Bible in general, and this book in particular.

A Book Under Attack!

Hiding what God has Revealed

Importance of Perspective

Attitude of Learning

Bible Study Bullseye

Bible Study Bullseye

  • Primacy of Center Rings
    The middle two rings represent the inspired Word of God. All other rings are the fallible views of men.

  • Need for Outer Rings
    Ignoring all secondary study tools and historical / cultural background material will lead to poverty of understanding (e.g., Dan. 9:26).

  • Dangers of Outer Rings
    Rings 3 through 5 contain error and can "spin" our understanding.

  • For additional information on this topic, see the commentary.