Revelation - Introduction, Part 2

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Audience and Purpose

A Prophetic Book

John's Motive


  1. To Reveal Christ in His Deistic Glory
    Christ is immediately and clearly revealed in His deity (Rev. 1:8; 1:11, 17-18 - Jesus is God!).
  2. To Address the Needs of the Seven Churches
    Chapters 2 and 3 address the specific needs of historic churches and by extension, churches of all times and places.
  3. To Confirm the Prophecies of the Old Testament
    Chapters 4 through 22 confirm that God's program as set forth in the Old Testament will indeed come to pass. It was not abandoned or subsumed by the Church Age.
  4. To Reveal the Future
    Achieving several results:
    1) motivating believers to godly living and to watch for Christ;
    2) motivating unbelievers to consider their ultimate destiny and that of the earth;
    3) revealing the restoration of God's original created order.


For additional information on this topic, see the commentary.