Revelation - Introduction, Part 9

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Related Passages and Themes

Acceptance of the Gospel

Trouble Ahead

A Kingdom Coming On Earth!

A Dramatic Intervention

Revelation and the Olivet Discourse

Genesis and Revelation


  1. Revelation Intimately Tied to Previous Biblical Revelation
    Understanding related passages and themes is essential to understanding Revelation.
  2. God's Kingdom on Earth!
    Although there is currently a "mystery" form of the kingdom where God dwells in the hearts of the saved, the literal earthly kingdom is yet future.
  3. Trouble Ahead
    The kingdom of God will not arrive peacefully or gradually. God will unexpectedly, suddenly, and dramatically intervene in history.
  4. A Dark Day followed by Light
    The "Day of the Lord" is a day of deep darkness and God's wrath (Joel 2:1-2; Amos 5:18-20). But it ushers in the return of Christ and the blessing of His subsequent millennial reign on the earth.
  5. Restoration of Creation
    The eternal state includes a new heavens and a new earth within which God's original design of sinlessness and full fellowship between God and man will be restored.
For additional information on this topic, see the commentary.