“This Chapter is the pivot on which the whole Bible turns.”-W. H. Griffith Thomas

I.                    Temptation by the serpent (Gen 3:1-5)

A.     Serpent? Rev 12:9; 20:2

B.     Crafty? Ezek 28:14; Jude 9; Rev 12:9

C.     Why did Satan take the form of a serpent? Gen 1:26-28

D.     Satan’s tactics- 2 Cor 2:11

E.      Adam and Eve’s mistakes- Eph 6:10-20

II.                 Sin of Adam and Eve (Gen 3:6)

A.     Three avenues of temptation-1 John 2:16; Luke 4:1-13

B.     Break down in male headship-1 Tim 2:13; Gen 2:23

III.               Results of the sin (Gen 3:7-13)

A.     Religion- Gen 3:7

B.     Broken fellowship with God- Gen 3:8-10

C.     “Buck passing” - Gen 3:11-13

D.     Reversal of the divine creation hierarchy- Gen 3:11-13

IV.              Divine judgment imposed because of the sin (Gen 3:14-19)

A.     Upon the serpent- Gen 3:14-15

                                                               i.      Serpent’s body- Gen 3:14

                                                             ii.      Protevangelium- Gen 3:15

B.     Upon Eve- Gen 3:16

                                                               i.      Painful childbirth- Gen 3:16a

                                                             ii.      Relational conflict- Gen 3:16b; 4:7

C.     Upon Adam- Gen 3:17-19

                                                               i.      Painful labor- Gen 3:17-19a

                                                             ii.      Death- Gen 3:19b

V.                 God’s provision in spite of sin (Gen 3:20-24)

A.     Continuation of the race- Gen 3:20

B.     Forgiveness- Gen 3:21

C.     Expulsion from Eden- Gen 3:22-24