How Do You Answer Paul's Five Questions?
Galatians 3:1-5

Do you clearly understand the gospel of salvation in Christ through His substitutionary death on the cross? (Gal 3:1)

Were you given the indwelling Holy Spirit and all of the blessings of salvation because of your obedience to a set of rules, or by faith? (Gal 3:2)

Having been totally justified (declared righteous) by God, do you now believe there was something lacking in what God did and that you must somehow finish your salvation by your own works? (Gal 3:3)

Paul's Question The Wrong Answer The Right Answer
Receiving the Spirit (Gal 3:2) By the works of the Law By the hearing of faith
Being perfected (Gal 3:3) By the flesh By the Spirit
Receiving the Spirit and
other mighty works (Gal 3:5)
By the works of the Law By the hearing of faith

Was it all in vain that you gave up things or suffered after putting your faith in Christ's work for your salvation? (Gal 3:4)

Was it because of your obedience to the law or by faith that you have experienced God's mighty working in your life? (Gal 3:5)