Galatians Notes

Paul's Prime Example of Justification by Faith

Definition of Justification: "Righteousness credited to a person's account" (Gal. )

  • Just as the Galatians (and every other believer) received the Spirit by faith, EVEN SO Abraham was justified by faith (connecting Gal. ).
  • Why Abraham? Wasn't Moses the one associated with the Law? Yes, but the Pharisees claimed Abraham as their father (see John ). The example of Abraham would be significant in proving to the false teachers that justification is by faith alone.
  • Paul quotes Genesis as the biblical definition of justification by faith.
  • Reckoned (logizomai) used in numerical calculations and tallying up the accounting ledger.
  • God does not merely "forgive" the debt - He tallies up the ledger. God is able to reconcile our account because Christ paid our debt for us.

Physical lineage does not count for anything! (Gal. )

  • "Those who are of faith" = those who have followed the example of Abraham and placed their faith in God's work on their behalf. Only those are "sons" (in the sense of heirs to the blessings promised to Abraham).
  • Believers become part of the family of faith, of which Abraham is a primary member.
  • It is possible that Abraham's actual physical descendants may not be related to him in the family of faith (see John ).

What opened the door for the Gentiles to be declared righteous before God? (Gal. )

  • The Abrahamic Covenant - "All the nations will be blessed in you" (see Genesis ).
  • The Scriptures declared that others could be justified in the same way as Abraham was justified before God.

All believers are blessed right alongside of Abraham the believer! (Gal. )

  • WITH (para) = alongside, along with
  • Believers, in turn, become examples which others can follow in putting their faith in the finished work of Christ on their behalf. Others can be justified before God in the same way as we are "reckoned righteous" - by following the example of Abraham, the believer.

Questions to consider:

  • Do you realize that you owe a debt you can never pay?
  • Do you understand that Jesus Christ suffered the full penalty for your debt in your place?
  • Have you trusted in Christ's work on your behalf?
  • Your faith in Christ is the trigger that God uses to tally up the accounting ledger in your favor by reckoning righteousness to you, just like He did for Abraham.
  • If you have received so great a gift, what should be your response?
My response: _________________________________________________________

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