Turning Back to Weak and Worthless Things
Galatians 4:6-11

Here Paul continues his illustration of being fully mature "sons" in the Roman culture of his day, and he goes on to describe what it would be like to give up that status and return to slavery.

On the POSITIVE Side: (because of your salvation)

You are a privileged son by legal adoption, and you are now able to address God using the language of a family member (Gal 4:6)

Not only are you free (no longer a slave), but you are also the rightful heir to the blessings God promised (Gal 4:7)

On the NEGATIVE Side: (before your salvation)

You did not know, see, or perceive God - and you were in slavery to things that by their very nature were not worthy of devotion (Gal 4:8)

This brings up a very good question:

Now that you have come into a personal relationship with God by His grace and through faith in Christ, why are you turning back again to be in slavery to a set of weak and worthless habits and practices?

But... = Paul emphasizes the contrast between bondage to any system of religious practice vs. freedom in a personal relationship with God (Gal 4:9)

The Galatians were beginning to observe the Jewish ceremonial Law (Gal 4:10)

Paul is afraid that the worst had already happened (Gal 4:11)


Some rituals or routines of life are valuable - like good habits - and we should continue to do them. But some of our practices may be part of the "weak and worthless things" from which the Lord Jesus rescued us. We need to remind ourselves and others that when we trusted in Christ for our personal salvation, we became sons related to God and heirs of the blessings He promised.