How Do You Respond to the Truth?
Galatians 4:12-20

Paul pleads, "Become as I am" - free from the bondage of Jewish Law (Gal 4:12)

A look at the former loving relationship between Paul and the Galatians (Gal 4:13-14)

So, What Happened? Has God's truth now made them enemies? (Gal 4:15-16)

The false teachers have dishonest motives: they want to lock in the Galatians as their own followers (Gal 4:17)

There is nothing wrong with enlisting followers, as long as the cause is true and right. But the Galatians must seek truth, even when Paul is absent (Gal 4:18)

Paul worries about his dear children: he wants them to grow to maturity in Christ, and he wishes he could tell them personally what they need to know rather than relying on the letter he is writing (Gal 4:19-20)

We must continue to listen to God's truth, even when it may be uncomfortable. We must also stand alone for God's truth against persuasive false teachers. We can gain strength and encouragement by remembering those who taught us the truths of God's Word.