Romans 9:14-24 - The Potter and the Clay

© 2004 Tony Garland -


9:14 - Is God Unrighteous?

9:15-16 - Mercy on Whomever

9:17 - For This Purpose

9:18 - Whom He Wills

9:19 - Why Does He Find Fault?

9:20 - Who Are You To Reply?

9:21 - The Potter and the Clay

9:22 - The Potter and the Clay

9:22 - Vessels of Wrath

9:23-24 - Vessels of Mercy


  1. God's Sovereign Right - God's sovereign right of determination dominates history. His plan and purpose is not dependent upon the will and actions of his creatures.

  2. When We Don't Understand - When we don't understand God, how do we respond? Do we, who are unrighteous, dare accuse Him of being unfair?

  3. The Greater Purpose of History - God's greater purpose in history is God's glory. Our job is to understand what He has revealed concerning His program of glory and to accept it fully--no matter where it leads and no matter our personal prejudice. His purpose is greater than our individual salvation or even the salvation of men.

  4. God's Election Within Israel Today - The rejection of Messiah did not catch God by surprise so that He had to reinterpret or reapply His OT promises concerning the nation. The national aspects of the promises (e.g., promised land, restoration of Jerusalem) continue in the believing Jewish remnant.