Romans 9:25-33 - A Remant will be Saved

© 2004 Tony Garland -


9:25 - My People

9:26 - Sons of the Living God

9:27 - A Remnant Saved

9:28 - A Short Work

9:29 - A Seed Left

9:30 - The Righteousness of Faith

9:31-32 - The Law of Righteousness

9:33 - A Stumbling Stone


  1. "Not My people" refers to Israel, not Gentiles - The OT prophets foresaw a period of time when Israel would no longer be considered God's people, but also a time afterwards when Israel would once again be "My people."
  2. God's Unconditional Love for Israel - Many in the church today embrace the first part of these OT prophecies (the rejection of Israel) and fail to account for the subsequent restoration of Israel. They deny the meaning of the original context and interpret the passages spiritually as applying to the Gentiles. Denying God's restoration of Israel is a serious matter since it distorts God's character by denying His unconditional love and electing purpose for Israel. The salvation of NT believers is only as sure as God's fulfillment of existing OT promises to Israel. We can take great comfort in the security of knowing He will uphold all His promises!
  3. Context versus Application - We need to recognize the original context of any passage as the actual meaning. After we understand the meaning of the original passage, then and only then are we in a position to make a related application from the principles taught by the passage. Paul quotes the OT concerning the election, rejection, and restoration of Israel, not the Gentiles. The principle of those who are not God's people becoming God's people is an application which can be made to the Gentiles who attained the righteousness of faith which most in Israel missed.
  4. Self-Righteousness is No Righteousness - Overemphasis on righteous works can blind us to the true means of salvation which is only found in the completed work of Jesus on the cross. This can never be earned or appropriated by works--only by faith. When we mix our own efforts into salvation, we undermine the true gospel and count the perfect work of Christ as incomplete. Like Israel who rejected Messiah Jesus at His first coming, those who trust in their own righteousness will be crushed by the "stumbling stone."