Romans 10:1-13 - The Righteousness of God

© 2004 Tony Garland -


10:1 - My Heart's Desire

10:2 - Zeal without Knowledge

10:3 - Righteousness of God

10:3 - Have Not Submitted

10:4 - End of the Law

10:5 - Righteousness of the Law

10:6 - Ascent to Heaven

10:7 - Descent into the Abyss

10:8-9 - The Word is Near You

10:10 - With the Heart One Believes

10:11 - Not be Put to Shame

10:12-13 - No Distinction


  1. Self-Righteousness is No Righteousness - To be saved, we must jettison our "self-righteousness" which is really no righteousness and place our faith in Jesus Who provides the righteousness of God. We must reject religion -- our own puny efforts to justify ourselves to God -- in favor of relationship with God through trusting in His Son.
  2. Only Jesus Bridges the Gap between God and Man - Jesus is the only ladder between God and man. The ultimate revelation of God made understandable to man is found in the incarnation of Jesus: the God-man. Conversely, the only sufficient representation we have before God is standing in the righteousness provided by Christ. We will find no alternate avenue for salvation ( 1Ti. 2:5 ) .
  3. Salvation is Near - The way of salvation is neither esoteric nor distant. It is not found in a mountain cave in Tibet, by acts of deprivation, or by "always learning and never coming to the knowledge of the truth" ( 2Ti. 3:6-7 ) . It is so simple that even a child can grasp it ( Mark 10:15 ) . It is within our reach if we will but reach out and grasp God's free gift.
  4. Equally Available to All - All people have equal access to the salvation of God. All that is required is agreeing with what God has said by placing faith in Jesus Christ. "All who call on the name of the Lord shall be saved."