Romans 10:14-21 - Has Israel Not Heard?

© 2004 Tony Garland -


10:14-15 - How Shall They Believe?

10:16 - Who Has Believed?

10:17 - Hearing by the Word

10:18 - To the Ends of the World

10:19 - Provoked to Jealousy

10:20-21 - Found by Those Who Did Not Seek


  1. The Gospel is Necessary for Salvation - General revelation points to God, but cannot save. Additional special revelation is necessary to be saved. This comes by way of those who are born again and carry the message of the gospel to the unsaved. This is our job as believers.
  2. Evangelization is Beautiful - Those who carry the message of the gospel are called "beautiful" by God. Although our message may be rejected and we may face persecution, God considers our task to be one of beauty.
  3. Faith Depends Upon the Word of God - Faith comes by hearing and believing the simple Word of God. Worldly philosophy and other deep mysteries cannot provide salvation. The Word of God is found in the Bible. Do you know the message of the Bible? Are you equipped to proclaim it?
  4. Gentiles Are to Make the Jews Jealous - Does your relationship with Jesus -- the Jewish Messiah -- exhibit a joy and intimacy that an unbelieving Jew would desire?