Romans 11:1-6 - God Has Not Cast Away the Jews

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11:1 - Has God Cast Away His People?

11:1 - Certainly not!

11:2 - God Has Not Cast Away

11:3-4 - I Have Reserved For Myself

11:5 - A Remnant

11:6 - Unmerited Favor


  1. We Are Never "The Only Believer Left" - No matter how discouraged and isolated we feel, we can know for certain that God has other believers in places we might not expect them.
  2. Sinful Actions Cannot Thwart God's Sovereign Will - In God's inscrutable sovereignty, every sin works out according to His plan. God's plan for Israel will not be derailed by the unbelief of the majority in the nation.
  3. God Generally Works With a Faithful Remnant - A frequent pattern in Scripture indicates God often works with a small group of faithful believers within a much larger group. Don't look at size or popularity to measure a work of God.
  4. Like Israel, Our Standing in God's Favor is Also Undeserved - If we reject Israel in the plan of God and assert our own superiority in having exercised faith, then we have lost sight of our own undeservedness. Remember: God revealed Himself to the Gentiles while the Gentiles where continually not seeking Him!
  5. The Jews Are Still God's Chosen People God's promises to Israel remain today because they are based on His choice of and promises to the nation which will eventually be fulfilled through the believing Jewish remnant. God judges the nations by their treatment of Israel ( Gen. 12:3 ; Num. 24:9 ; Isa. 49:14-26 ; Mat. 25:40 ) . A wise nation is careful how it treats Israel!