Romans 11:7-15 - Life from the Dead

© 2004 Tony Garland -


11:7 - Israel Has Not Obtained

11:8 - As It Is Written

11:9 - Table Become a Snare

11:10 - Bow Down Their Back

11:11 - Have They Fallen?

11:12 - Riches for the World

11:13 - I Speak to You Gentiles

11:14 - Provoke to Jealousy

11:15 - Life from the Dead


  1. Divine Hardening in Judgment - Those who turn away from the light which God has given risk being divinely hardened in their rejection of God.

  2. Provoking Nonbelieving Jews to Jealousy - Does our assurance of salvation and our intimacy with the Jewish Messiah exhibit characteristics which would draw an unsaved Jew?

  3. The Blessed Hope and Israel - The blessed hope of Christ's return can and should include our excitement concerning the blessings the entire world will enjoy when Israel accepts her Messiah and the Millennial Kingdom is ushered in.

  4. Don't Judge Spiritual Reality By What Is Seen - We must not judge by what we see with our eyes concerning Israel. We must never doubt God's ability to bring Israel to a point of spiritual awakening concerning Messiah Jesus at the precise time of His choosing.

  5. Jews and Gentiles on Equal Footing - When history draws to an end, both Jews and Gentiles will be shown as falling short of God and equally in need of His unmerited grace. Gentiles may be more numerous among the "people of God" at present, but this has not always been the case nor may it be in the future. We Gentile believers must not become haughty!