Romans 11:25-36 - The Salvation of Israel

© 2004 Tony Garland -


11:25 - Blindness in Part

11:26 - Israel will be Saved

11:26-27 - A Deliverer From Zion

11:28-29 - Beloved Enemies

11:30-31 - Disobedience and Mercy

11:32 - All Disobedient

11:33-35 - The Wisdom and Knowledge of God

11:36 - Of Him, To Him, Through Him


  1. Ignorance breeds Arrogance - Paul did not want the Gentile believers to be ignorant of God's plan to spiritually restore Israel. To remain ignorant would lead them to have too high of a view of their own opinion. A failure to carefully study the entire Bible along with an unwillingness to be grammatically consistent in our interpretation has led some believers to oppose God's stated purpose for Israel. May we not be among them!
  2. All Israel will be Saved - At a time yet future, Christ will turn away unbelief from Israel. The believing remnant will increase in size and unbelieving Jews will perish without entering the millennial kingdom. At that time, the believing remnant and the nation will be one-and-the same. Those who are cut off are analogous to the faithless generation of Jews who were barred from the Promised Land and perished in the wilderness. The prophesied regeneration of Israel, and judgment of nonbelieving Jews, should motivate the Church to place a high priority on Jewish evangelism. This was Paul's own pattern throughout the Book of Acts.
  3. Both Jews and Gentiles Disobedient - When history winds to an end, both Jew and Gentile will be shown to be equally disobedient and in need of God's mercy. The mercy we Gentiles obtained in our disobedience of the past will also be extended to the Jews in the future. Let us not be like the faithful son who became jealous when the prodigal son was restored (Luke 15:30). The restoration of Israel will bring incredible blessings for all God's people.