Are you here by

Why I believe…

…we are here by design, not chance

...the Bible is the reliable message of God

...Israel demonstrates the existence of God

...Christianity is unique among all religions

…You should ask yourself these questions

…You should seek God

…we are here by design, not chance.

  1. basic open systems (a wristwatch),

  2. feedback systems (power steering),

  3. adaptive systems (anti-skid brakes),

  4. intelligent machines (computers),

  5. self-repairing systems

  6. self-reproducing systems.

Man—with the most sophisticated intelligence known—has produced systems 1 through 4, but has yet to create truly self-repairing16 nor self-reproducing systems. Yet these levels of system complexity are found throughout the biological world. Development of even a rudimentary complex system by chance has never been demonstrated.

Some systems are especially complicated and are said to be irreducibly complex17 because two or more components are interdependent such that no component can successfully function without the others. This poses a problem for evolutionary theory because each co-dependent component would have to evolve in-step with the other components it depends upon for the organism to continue to survive. Yet the living world is full of examples of irreducibly complex systems such as the feather, the eye, the avian lung, the amniotic (reptilian) egg, the woodpecker18, and many more.19

Complex systems, when left to themselves, tend to fail.20 Randomness (chance) leads to chaos. This downhill trend in physical and information systems can only be reversed by the addition of information. Information can only be added by intelligence. Complex systems are evidence of intelligence!

…the Bible is the reliable message of God.


Earliest Copy

Number of Witnesses46

New Testament Authors

200 A.D.47


Old Testament Authors

300 B.C.49
250 B.C.50

several hundred

Homer (Iliad)

1200 A.D.



900 A.D.


Plato (Tetralogies)

900 A.D.


Tacitus (Annals)

1100 A.D.


Pliny the Younger (History)

850 A.D.



100 A.D.



1000 A.D.





Messiah born of a virgin.

Genesis 3:15 (4,000+ B.C.)
Isaiah 7:1459 (580 B.C.)

Luke 1:34-35 (2 B.C.)

Messiah born in Bethlehem.

Micah 5:2 (720 B.C.)

Luke 2:1-7 (2 B.C.)

Timing of Messiah’s presentation as king.60

Daniel 9:25 (530 B.C.)

Luke 19:28-44 (30 A.D.)

Messiah to die for sins of others.

Daniel 9:26 (530 B.C.)
Isaiah 53:8,11 (580 B.C.)

Matthew 27, Mark 15, Luke 23, John 19 (30 A.D.)

Messiah to be resurrected.

Ps. 16:10 (970 B.C.)

Mark 16:9 (30 A.D.)

Destruction of Jerusalem by Rome

Daniel 9:26 (530 B.C.)
Luke 19:43 (30 A.D.)

70 A.D.

Jerusalem to become a heavy burden for all nations.

Zechariah 12:3 (480 B.C.)


…Israel demonstrates the existence of God.

that God will accomplish His will: “Who has heard such a thing? Who has seen such things? Shall the earth be made to give birth in one day? Or shall a nation be born at once?” 63

…Christianity is unique among all religions.

believe you are a sinner, perhaps your understanding of the holiness and perfection of God is inadequate--perhaps your concept of God is too small? 85

…You should ask yourself these questions.

…You should seek God.

For seekers…

The primary sources for seeking God are prayer and reading the Bible.96

Why not perform an experiment? Regularly and earnestly pray before God that He would reveal Himself to you. If you are honest in your desire, He has promised to reveal Himself to you.

The following resources offer avenues for further investigation for those who are curious. Citations by secondary references appear within square brackets.

End Notes

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35 A claim is generally made by skeptics at this point that this is a circular argument: life exists as it is precisely because of the physical environment we are in. If it had been different, then life would have evolved differently (e.g. silicon-based, etc.). I leave it to the reader to examine the previous comments regarding complex systems to determine whether a highly-tuned system occurs by chance.

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96 Unlike other books, the bible is spiritually discerned (1 Corinthians 2:14). Don’t expect to read it like a novel and grasp its deeper content. God doesn’t work that way. He reveals truth in layer-upon-layer to those who seek Him—like peeling an onion. If you’re not serious about seeking Him, he won’t reveal things to you. (Does the very idea that God would withhold information from those that don’t seek him offend you? If God is real and the Bible is His book, then you need to get past trying to create God in your own image and find out what He says about Himself. If He truly is the creator and you are his creature, then your preconceptions and opinions don’t matter.)

If you are unfamiliar with the Bible, I wouldn’t suggest beginning at Genesis 1:1. Although Genesis and the rest of the Old Testament are foundational, starting there is like trying to swim across the Pacific ocean your very first time in the water. I recommend you start with the book of John in the New Testament (The events of John 1:1 precede Genesis 1:1 anyway!). Pray before each reading session and remember that you are out to find out who God says He is.

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